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MindIInsight is a holistic counseling and performance coaching services venture that aspires to be a one stop solution to help you find any and every answer that you have been too scared to seek. Our promise is backed by a multi-technology platform that is equipped with comprehensively curated scientific tests, tools and techniques, and a team of dedicated professionals armed with globally recognized certifications and accreditations.
We are an end to end service provider who cater to all age groups from all walks of life and deal with everything from profiling to counseling to performance coaching and mentoring. We are committed to the values of reliability and validity, and back our services with benchmarks that are in sync with the global best practices.


MindIInsight’s counseling services are a bouquet of offerings that combine the best in technology with globally acclaimed accreditations and intensive expertise in human behaviour. We provide end to end services using a multi-technology platform that includes comprehensively curated scientific assessment tests, and innovative tools and techniques based on biometric, linguistic programming, psychometry and neuroscience. We work towards providing our clients holistic solutions and lead them down a path of deeper exploration of their own potential for happiness and success.
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Performance coaching

The MindIInsight approach to counseling is incomplete without coaching. While most services and organizations stop at counseling, we believe that counseling is merely a gateway that leads to coaching—a hands-on, personalized, solution based approach that is effective and efficient, and is aimed at helping our clients find answers to their specific issues and questions. With a focus on a people-first approach, MindIInsight believes in empowerment and our coaching solutions are designed to equip our clients to take charge, understand their needs, set goals, and achieve them through a structured, defined approach.
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College admission guidance (D.A.D program)

MindIInsight’s admissions counselling service is a one stop solution for all your college admission related problems, a one of its kind offering that offers comprehensive admission support from the beginning until the very end of the admission process. At MindIInsight, we do not stop at merely answering the ‘whats’ surrounding the questions with respect to college admissions, but also focus on ‘how’.
We hand hold our clients through the process, and make sure the whole process is smooth, efficient and effective.

Institutional collaboration

MindIInsight is a one stop service that offers holistic and conclusive counseling and performance coaching solutions for individuals as well as organizations. At an organizational level, we act as partners and effective support systems that can offer both group counseling solutions as well as personalized mentoring for organizations and institutions at scale.

Our bouquet of services is customized as per the specific organizational needs, and is designed to cater to a range of stakeholders including senior management, middle managers, on-ground teams, trainees and freshers incorporate set ups of all sizes and forms.

In case of educational institutions, we have customizable offerings that can cater to the educators, teachers, management as well as students.

Performance coaching
Mentorship programs


December 31, 2019
Two things that can save you from a career choice disaster!
One of the primary missions of MindIInsight from its very inception has been to be a discerning guiding light for students at the threshold of their career, struggling with myriad choices, ideas and advice. While in the past few
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Our certifications and accreditations are a hallmark of the standards of excellence that we cherish and uphold. Our human capital is our best asset, and we have extensively invested in developing it through the best in international training and certification programs.