College admission guidance (D.A.D program)

A specially designed, innovative program for students of class IXth and above, D.A.D is a unique MindIInsight offering that seeks to help the students not only identify their inborn talent, but also formulate a viable strategy in terms of choosing subject streams and undergraduate programs that can be realistically translated into a bright and successful professional future. D.A.D is a holistic, scientifically designed program spread out over several individual sessions with both the child and her parents, and follows a three step process.

Discover, reveal and learn about your inborn potential
Activate your subject stream based upon dominant skill set.
Decide your undergraduate programme and future occupation based upon your innate personality
Best suited for | School students | Under-graduates | Graduates

USP: DAD stands for - discover, activate, decide - personalised and comprehensive counseling program - designed exclusively for students seeking admisstion into professional courses.


Expected outcomes

Shortlist of prospective institutes | Hand-held assisted approach to admission | Trusted mentors | Smooth, stress free admission experience | Support through counseling, documentation, and other formalities until admission