Online Psychometric Tests

MindIinsight’s scientifically designed and administered online psychometric tests bring in the rigor and accuracy of the offline tests and combine it with the efficiency, speed, convenience and easy accessibility of online platforms. Psychometric tests are an umbrella term for multi-faceted assessments that are designed to test our cognitive ability and personality. Online Psychometric tests are fairly common and usually consist of a series of questions whereby we are required to submit our answers to pre-set questions within a fixed time limit. MindIinsight’s online psychometric tests are several notches above the rest as they are backed by a rigorous scientific methodology and the expertise of our highly trained and experienced counselors. Our online psychometric tests evaluate personality, aptitude,attitude and innate talent, and basis our methodical and scientific assessment, our trained counselors and experts guide and help our clients find the best careers suited to their personality and talent and drive them towards professional success. More specifically, our online psychometric tests help us determine our client’s skill set in the areas like management, sales, occupational inventories, reasoning, thinking, language, communication, information and technology, and enable us to determine a career path that is best suited for your success and happiness.

Career Counseling for Students

Being a student, especially a student who is about to finish their school, is simultaneously the most exciting and the most terrifying phase of any individual’s life. While the need for career counseling for students at this critical stage is well established and recognized, the students and parents still need to find out counselors and experts who are not just the right fit, but are also capable of truly understanding the nuances and finding career solutions that are customized, personal, efficient and applicable.MindIInsight’s specialized career counseling for students is based on scientific methodology, intensive experience and intuitive expertise that offers not just the best career options, colleges, courses and streams that suit a student, but also offer advice that allows students to make an informed choice right at the beginning of their careers. We understand that choosing a career is more than opting for a course or a college. It is a decision that impacts students’ whole life and happiness. The MindIinsight approach to career counseling for students is therefore holistic and believes in offering career solutions that allow the students to optimize their innate potential and talent, and enable them to find a career path that is as fulfilling as it is successful.

Career Counseling for Professionals

We usually believe that career counseling is for students and people who are just starting their careers. However, we at MindIinsight, have always strongly believed that career counseling is a much-needed support that may be needed by anyone irrespective of where they are in terms of professional life, and must be made accessible to all. Even after we become professionals, we may encounter situations where we may need help from a trained expert and counselor. We may be in the middle of choosing an alternate career. We may be confused about whether or not we should change careers. We may be hunting for a new job or trying to re-enter the workforce after a hiatus. We may even be recovering from a job loss and struggling to find our feet again in the professional world. In all these circumstances, career counseling for professionals can offer the critical help and support that may not only enable us to survive these difficult phases but also make the best possible decision under the circumstances. MindIinsight’s career counseling for professionals provides solutions that are specifically customized to an individual’s personality and innate talent, and help them find the best way forward towards professional success and overall happiness.

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