Note from the Founder

MindIInsight’s journey is as much my personal journey as individual, as it is the journey of an organization born off an idea in its founder’s head. MindIInsight (formerly MomentsinBox Eduventures) was born as a result of my own quest for answers and counseling solutions. As a father of two daughters who stood at the threshold of the most crucial stage of their life, the beginning of their college and career, I looked for counseling and coaching options that were qualified, unbiased, non-judgmental and objective. I couldn’t find any. It was a conundrum that led me down the path of setting up MindIInsight as an answer to the questions I was grappling with.

MindIInsight is the manifestation of my vision to set up a counseling and performance coaching service that is holistic and conclusive. To this end, we have not just relied on the best technology and tools in the industry, we have also invested in human capital that is qualified and brings specific expertise on the table. Personally, I spent an entire year traveling and training across the world, to acquire some of the best and most acclaimed global accreditations and qualifications.

I am proud to assert that MindIInsight boasts of a combination of certifications that are not just the very best, but also rather rare in the industry. Ultimately, our aim is to be a true one-stop solution that doesn’t just specialize in advising (counseling), but offers personalized mentoring and specific solutions (coaching) backed by specific support (D.A.D or admission strategy), emotional intelligence training (EQ-i) and fosters excellence and peak performance in every sphere of life (performance coaching).

MindIInsight doesn't aspire to be your counselor. We aspire to be your partners in every aspect of your life, backing you, supporting you and cheering you on. Join us, and let us help you unleash the best version of you!